Chroma Inks USA is a specialty inks manufacturer of functional inks and coatings for applications in medical packaging & devices, and document security. The company was founded by two highly experienced chemists with more than 25 years of combined experience in the field. Our inks change color based on the presence of saturated steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, dry heat, plasma, ozone, or peracetic acid and are widely used as sterilization process indicators. Our manufacturing and R&D facilities are located in East Hanover, New Jersey, USA.

In addition to our standard range of ink products, we develop custom inks for specialized applications. We will work with you to develop inks that produce a desired color or volume change to provide assurance that your manufacturing processes produce high-quality products that meet you and your customer’s rigorous requirements.


Our mission at Chroma Inks USA is to develop, manufacture, and market new inks and coatings for use in medical packaging and document security applications.

We combine leading edge chemistry with close customer contact and partnerships to deliver customized inks and coating products. We are committed to conducting business with high ethical standards and provide high quality products, on time, in full, and with post-sale customer service. We will meet the changing needs of our customers and are committed to helping them strengthen their respective brands.